I began singing Sacred Harp in 2008 in southeastern New England. From 2009-2022, I mostly sang in the San Francisco Bay area. As of 2022, I’m back singing in New England.

This website started as a way for me to blog about my experiences as a new Sacred Harp singer. After I was no longer a new singer, I mostly blogged about all-day singings and conventions, as well as some of the unusual venues where I’ve been a Sacred Harp singer (a poetry reading, the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, a classroom at Stanford Univ., a peace walk, etc.). During the pandemic, I blogged briefly about online singing. I’ve also posted some shape note tunes I’ve written. You’ll also find my reflections on my experience of the urban revival of Sacred Harp singing in the United States.

Of course, no one reads blogs any more. Since this blog is now irrelevant, it can serve as a sort of Sacred Harp scrap book for me.

In my professional life, I’m minister at First Parish in Cohasset, Mass.

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