Online singing

Jamulus singing

A bit of a rocky night.

Mark kept getting kicked off the session, and David had family matters to attend to, so our regular keyers were out of action. We encouraged everyone to key their own tunes, and I filled in where I could — all of which meant the keying was not as consistent as usual. (I suppose I should just bite the bullet and hone my keying skills, but I’d rather not have to concentrate that much; this is supposed to be a hobby for me, and hobbies are supposed to be fun.)

We also had a couple of singers with big latency, on the order of 90 ms. That can work, but it’s super difficult; we weren’t quite up to the challenge tonight, and tempos kept lagging. Not only that, but sometimes some singers would be off by as much as an entire measure; that, of course, affected pitch. In addition, a couple of singers seemed to have a lot of noise on their connection, so sound quality wasn’t always that great.

Yet even with all the problems, there were good moments, too. This always happens when you’re making music: sometimes everything seems to go wrong, yet then out of nowhere there will be a moment of beauty to make it all worth while.