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70b Save Mighty Lord

One last video from old footage I found. Here’s Wren leading 70b Save Mighty Lord from the 1991 Denson edition of The Sacred Harp, at the 5th annual Palo Alto All Day Singing, August 26, 2017. Temps were well above 90 in the room, so you’ll hear some fan noise. You’ll also get to hear some of Steve Helwig’s trademark humor (if you didn’t know Steve, he’s the one on the front tenor bench who’s pitching).

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Palo Alto All Day, online version

This would have been the weekend of the annual Palo Alto All Day singing. We decided to hold a two hour online version yesterday, with two times for socializing in breakout rooms (do we call those recesses? or what?). The best part for me was the chance to talk with singers I haven’t seen for too many months.

Terry M. kept minutes (if you can keep minutes for an online singing). Here they are:

Jeannette Ralston 46; Dan Harper 38b; Marci Cutler 65; Leigh Cooper 189; Ginny Landgraf 378b; Peter Ross 122; Julia Smith 159; Kate Fine 187; Esther ? 214; Constance BoneĀ 261t (CH); Erin Fulton 172; Ann Riley 383; James Solheim 318; Clarissa Fetrow 154; Pat Coghlan 272; Aisha Morgan 495; Marci Cutler 140b (ShH); Jeannette Ralston 264b (ShH); Jenny Solheim 421; Don Fasolaman 77b; Ginny Landgraf 254 (ShH); Melissa Stevenson 179; Sue Lindner 216; Bonnie Stimler 384; Bonnie Stimler 454; ? ? 521; Memorial lesson; Dan Harper 347.