Online singing

Zoom singing

A good singing, and well attended. I think there were something like 25 total log-ins.

We continued with the usual format: people post their choice of tunes in chat, Lena goes down the list one by one, Leigh uses the web app Mark developed to find an appropriate field recording, and when it’s time to sing Lena mutes everyone so that you only hear the field recording. One or two singers led their own tunes, singing the tenor (melody) line, instead of relying on a field recording.

An interesting feature of this month’s singing is that some people who just discovered Sacred Harp joined the Zoom singing. During the break, I assigned them to breakout rooms with a couple of experienced singers to answer any questions they might have had. These new singers stuck with us for the whole session, but I wonder how it was for them. The rest of us know what it sounds like when you’re in the middle of a live singing; we learned with the support of other singers in our part; but these new singers have none of that. I hope they decide to come back.