Online singing

Jamulus singing

David set up a Jamulus server at his house in Berkeley, and we both logged on this afternoon to try it out. The latency was perhaps a little high, and it was strange at first singing without being able to see David leading, but we got used to it pretty quickly.

We sang a couple of tunes, then noticed that someone had dropped in to listen. We wound up chatting with Rob from Rancho Cucamonga. A trained musician and a guitarist, he was interested to hear us singing solfege; he’s just discovering Jamulus and was listening to different sessions to get a feel for it. It was sort of like when you’re singing Sacred Harp in person, and someone hears you and comes in out of curiosity. This could be a side benefit to singing on Jamulus!

David and I sang a few more tunes, then we both had to go. While it’s not the same as singing in person, it was really good to be able to sing together with another person in real time — it was also really good to be able to sing with David once again, who is a really good singer.