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Caroline leading 324 in 2013

Caroline Bonnet leading no. 324 from The Sacred Harp (1991 Denson edition), at the 2013 Palo Alto All-Day Singing. When Caroline brings ’em for that last chorus, the class gives her their best singing yet.

In memory of Caroline Bonnet, who March 8, 2015. Caroline was a fine singer, and a tireless advocate for Sacred Harp singing in the North Bay who helped found the Healdsburg monthly singing, and start the Ziegler Memorial Singing.

(Background info: I found some unprocessed video footage from the 2013 Palo Alto All-Day Singing that I had abandoned because the audio was inadequate. However, recently I found I was able to adjust the audio of some of the footage so that it sounds reasonably good, and fortunately this footage of Caroline was in that category.)