Singing at home

Singing in a small room

From my notes; posted a month after the singing

Today’s regular fourth Sunday Palo Alto singing was hosted by Stephanie. She had a fairly small room for us to sing in, and with about ten of us there, there wouldn’t have been much room if anyone else showed up. It turned out to be a very good singing: when you’re only a few feet from every other singer, you can really hear everyone’s voice, which is quite enjoyable.

I particularly enjoyed singing with Paul, who doesn’t often get to singings. Paul can get notes down below the C two octaves below middle C (that is, below C2). In between tunes, we got to talking a little bit, and he said he’s now singing with the Slavyanka Russian Men’s Chorus — and there are guys in that ensemble who can sing lower than he, down to A1. Wow.