Singing at home

Back to Berkeley

After a month away, Carol and I headed over to the Berkeley weekly singing tonight. We almost didn’t go: We had been home from our cross-country trip less than twenty-four hours. I was beat from my first day back at work (I love my job, but the first day from vacation is always brutal). Neither of us felt much like driving an hour to get to singing. But we went anyway.

And I did. We got off to a bit of a rough start: the four parts weren’t quite in tune with each other, and we sounded a little ragged. But then the tenors began to really sing; the altos followed (we had a great alto section tonight); then the trebles began to hit their stride; and Jeremy kept the rest of us bases in line. Afterwards, Carol said, “I thought we sounded really good tonight.” I hemmed and hawed, and wanted to point out all the mistakes and problems we were having (certainly, I was having my own problems; I’m never happy with my own singing); but in the end I had to admit that she was right: we sounded pretty good tonight.

And I also have to admit that by the time the singing was over, I was in a much better frame of mind. A good singing will do that for you.

Posted a week late due to work commitments 🙁