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Ziegler Memorial videos: 208, 66, 284, 457, 159, 335, 313b, 62, prayer

In this blog post, I’ve embedded the following videos from the Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler Memorial Singing on 1 January 2013 in Healdsburg, California:

“Presente” followed by Susan leading 208; Peter leading 66; Ellen leading 284; Vicky leading 457; Mark leading 159; Jack leading 335; Alex leading 313b; taking the parting hand; closing prayer.

(I’ve now uploaded one video clip of every leader of whom I have video footage, so these will be the last batch of videos from the Ziegler Memorial Singing.)

Above: “Presente,” a California Latino tradition, followed by Susan leading 208 Traveling On.


Above: Peter leading 66 Jordan.


Above: Ellen leading 284 Garden Hymn.


Above: Vicky leading 457 Wayfaring Stranger.


Above: Mark leading 159 Wondrous Love.


Above: Jack leading 335 Return Again.


Above: Alex leading 313b Cobb.


Above: Taking the parting hand (no. 62, Parting Hand).


Above: The closing prayer.