Other local singings

Davis local singing

We finally had a free Friday, so Carol and I decided to drive out to Davis to sing with local singing there. It’s a new local singing, organized by Matthew when he went out to attend graduate school in Davis. We were pleased to see some familiar faces: Matthew of course, and some other singers who live in the Central valley and occasionally make it in to the Berkeley weekly singing, or to the Golden Gate All-Day Singing. And there were two people I hadn’t met before: a tenor who has been singing with Davis pretty regularly, and a treble who had only sung from the Sacred Harp once before. All together, there were eight of us gathered in Matthew’s living room: three tenors, two basses, an alto, and two trebles.

Matthew and I were both singing bass, and we both have big voices. We were both holding back, but even so I began to feel that maybe we were too loud. I was sitting next to the tenors and tried singing with them on one tune, but my voice just wasn’t going to go up that high. So Matthew and I exchanged places in the bass section, and he switched back and forth between singing tenor and singing bass.

Aside from feeling I was singing a little too loudly, I thoroughly enjoyed singing with the Davis folks. They are friendly, just the kind of people you’d want to spend an evening with. They sound good, and are great fun to sing with. And they sing for a good long time — we started at 7:00 and it was 9:45 p.m. when we finally headed back out to our car.