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Northfield as early music

In other news from the alto bench of the Berkeley weekly singing, Marsha led a singing school at the Madison (Wisconsin) Early Music Festival. Here’s a video of Marsha leading the class in no. 155 Northfield:

The room is kind of echo-y for Sacred Harp, but they sound really good!

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“Sacred Harp: the punk rock of choral music”

Shani, who sings alto with the Berkeley weekly singing, had a nice piece on KALW radio recently, titled: “Sacred Harp: the punk rock of choral music.” The audio file, and a moderately accurate transcription into text, are available on the KALW Web site. In the background of the audio version, you can hear the Berkeley weekly singing, the Golden Gate all-day singing, a singing school led by Cassie Allen, and what sounds like the Denson quartet (or some other vintage Sacred Harp recording).