Other events

Camp Fasola, class singing no. 1

Carol and I arrived at Camp Fasola, held at Camp McDowell in Double Springs, Alabama, in time plenty of time for dinner, and right after dinner was the first evening singing in Pradat Lodge. I found it a little difficult to hear the other parts at first — maybe the room was not square enough, or the ceiling was a little high, or the carpet on the floor deadened the sound too much. In any case, it took me a good quarter of an hour to get used to the sound, and be able to pick out the other parts.

Once I figured out how to hear, I could sit back and enjoy the singing. Most leaders led at tempos that felt somewhat slow to me; but I’ve been singing every week in a local singings that’s known for its fast tempos. I liked the slower tempos on most of the tunes we sang tonight; I also noticed that the slower tempos required singers to accent more carefully, with more differentiation between the first and third beats than is required with a faster tempo.