Singing at home

Musical chairs

Considering it was summer, we had quite a few singers today. Some singers moved around in the first half hour, but when everyone finally settled down, I counted 7 basses, 5 altos, 4 trebles, and a dozen or so tenors. We sounded a little rough in the first half hour — our intonation was wavering, and rhythmically we just weren’t together. But when everyone finally settled down, it turned into a really good singing. The tenors were especially strong: they sang with clarity and precision. I also felt the trebles were exceptionally good: even though there were just four of them, they did just what you want trebles to do, float that counter melody up there over all the other parts.

I’m always interested to see how reshuffling a few signers can turn an ordinary singing into a really good singing.

I thought I had posted this last week, but something happened. So I’m posting it a week late, and backdating it.