Golden Gate 2015

A telegraphic account of the singing, based on my notes:

I felt this was a good singing, and heard others saying the same thing. The singing was loud, robust, tuneful. Tempos maybe not quite as quick as in past years. Quite a few excellent out-of-town singers. Total number of singers was slightly less than last year, but still over a hundred.

Site: again this year, Trinity Lutheran Church in Alameda. A good singing space for this size singing.

There were I think half a dozen parents of children, including Greg, Leigh and Mark, Inder, Lorraine and Paul. We are slowly getting more parents willing to bring children to all-day singings; let’s hope that number increases, and that the kids continue to sing Sacred Harp as they grow up.

Between work and family issues, I could not get it together to take either photos or videos of the Golden Gate this year.

Seattle convention, day two


Above: An inaccurate sign on the door into the Ballard Homestead, where this year’s Seattle convention was held.


Above: Looking across the altos towards the tenors.


Above: Singers from Vancover, B.C., leading.


Above: You know who really knows how to bring in the bass section? Bass singers.


Above: There were a lot of people singing in the first session after lunch today. And the singing was incredibly good: spirited, rhythmic, tuneful, and you could tell the sections were listening to one another. Part of this, I think, is due to the Seattle singers — quite a talented bunch.

2015 All-Cal trivia photo

The day after the All-Cal. The creeping crud has turned into bronchitis, and I can’t sing. All those Sacred Harp tunes going through my head from the last two days? — I’m reduced to playing them on the guitar. Blah.

So I’m amusing myself with trivia. In the photo below from day one of the 2015 All-California Sacred Harp Convention, which singer has been singing shape note music since the 1960s?


2015 Ziegler Memorial photos

Two photos from the 2015 Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler Memorial Singing on New Year’s Day, 2015.


Above: The old Felta Schoolhouse in Healdsburg, Calif. The setting of the Felta Schoolhouse reminds me a little of the setting of some of the traditional Southern singings, like Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. One of the best singing rooms in northern California.



Above: Marianne leading during the singing.


After the singing, a dozen of us went to Phil and Larry’s new house in Sebastopol for a little more singing. Their new house has an excellent singing room — you could hear every other voice clearly and distinctly. We sang ten or a dozen tunes before we gave out, but it was some of the best singing of the day. Mind you, nothing can replace the big sound of an all-day singing. But, as Susan pointed out, it can be very nice to sing when every singer is really listening to every other singer. We need both kinds of singings.