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Minutes as submitted to the Minutes Book:

DOMINIC ZIEGLER MEMORIAL SINGING Felta Schoolhouse, Healdsburg, California Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The first Dominic Ziegler Memorial All-Day Singing was held at the Felta Schoolhouse, Healdsburg, California, on New Year’s Day. The class was called to order by Mary Ann Ciavonne and Jack Ziegler, Dominic’s parents, leading 146. David Fetcho offered the opening prayer. Dan Harper led 34b. A business meeting was held and officers were elected and committees appointed as follows: Chairman — Dan Harper; Vice Chairman — Matthew Lawson; Secretary — Betty Marvin; Chaplain — David Fetcho; Arranging Committee — Chris Thorman and Lindy Groening; Resolutions Committee — Rebecca Edwards and Alex Cotton. Leaders: Matthew Lawson 112; Rebecca Edwards 99; Julian Damashek 37b; Caroline Bonnet 452; Linda Domholt 348t; Susan Fetcho 421; Phil Jensen 198; David Fetcho 182; Lindy Groening 102; Jennie Brown 171; Joel Chan 170; Betty Marvin 147t; Terry Moore 481; Chris Thorman 68b; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 406; Mary Gowins 441.


The class was called back together by Vanessa Tanner and Liora O’Donnell Goldensher leading 318. Leaders: Linda Selph 58; Linnea Sablosky 504; Joanne Orengo 472; Gabriel Kyne 228; Terry Barber 192; Dan Harper 236; Gretchen Muller 565; Bob Brylawski 122; Matthew Lawson 453; Pat Coghlan and Rebecca Edwards 535; Mary Ann Ciavonne and Jack Ziegler 47t; David McFarlane 148; Marianne Clinton 86; Susan Fetcho and new singers 323t.


Gretchen Muller led 77b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Chris Thorman 59; Rebecca Edwards 460; Gabriel Kyne 111b; Phil Jensen 569b; Linda Domholt 287; Joel Chan 547; Terry Moore 424; Mary Gowins 500; Caroline Bonnet 494; Jennie Brown 348b; Joanne Orengo 178; Terry Barber 442; Gretchen Muller 72b; Bob Brylawski 81t; Pat Coghlan 162; David McFarlane 163b. David Fetcho offered prayer before the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Matthew Lawson leading 448b. Leaders: Julian Damashek 328; Marianne Clinton 268; David Fetcho 270; Betty Marvin 202; Linda Selph 215; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 367; Linnea Sablosky 564; Rebecca Edwards 402; Ellen Lueck 418; Jennie Brown 475; Caroline Bonnet 378t; Dan Harper 84; Susan Fetcho 208; Matthew Lawson 282; Mary Gowins 556; Mary Ann Ciavonne 114; Gabriel Kyne 163t; Josh Stithem 267; Linda Domholt 549; Peter Ross 66.


The class was called back together by Gabriel Kyne leading 105. Leaders: Joel Chan 384; Ellen Lueck 284; Lindy Groening 129; Terry Moore 218; Vicki Chung and Caroline Bonnet 457; Terry Barber 542; Josh Stithem 410t; Peter Ross 299; Marc Lambert and Lindy Groening 159; Gretchen Muller 479; Bob Brylawski 133; Chris Thorman 362; Julian Damashek 521; Marianne Clinton 49b; David Fetcho 98.


The class was called together by Linnea Sablosky leading 410b. Leaders: Betty Marvin 492; Linda Selph 456; Jack Ziegler 335; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 423; Alex Cotton 313b; Linnea Sablosky 142; Jennie Brown 411; Gabriel Kyne 183; Ellen Lueck 185; Susan Fetcho 277.

A business meeting was held. The Secretary reported that 87 songs were sung with 33 leaders from California, Connecticut, and Missouri. The Resolutions Committee, Rebecca Edwards and Alex Cotton, spoke in memory of Dominic Ziegler. They also thanked all who made the singing possible (the Ziegler family, the Healdsburg Sacred Harp community, and the officers and committee members). Rebecca Edwards and Alex Cotton led 376. Announcements were made. Dan Harper, Matthew Lawson, Mary Ann Ciavonne, and Jack Ziegler led 62 as the closing song. David Fetcho offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman — Dan Harper; Vice Chairman — Matthew Lawson; Secretary — Betty Marvin

Information from the 2013 singing, kept here for historical reasons:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
10:00-4:00 (registration opens at 9:30)

Free and open to the public

Location: in the Felta Schoolhouse, 1201 Felta Rd, Healdsburg, California 95448. The Felta Schoolhouse is a few hundred feet before West Side Elementary School, just off Westside Rd. See map and directions below.

9:30—Registration opens
12:30-1:30—Dinner on the grounds

For more information, contact Jack Ziegler jpz at sonic dot net

What to bring for dinner-on-the-grounds, what to wear, and more at the All-day Singing FAQ.

PDF of flyer for the Dominic Ziegler Memorial singing

Map and directions:
From Santa Rosa and the Bay area:
Take Highway 101 north to exit 503 Central Healdsburg. Go about a third of a mile, and take your first left onto Mill Street. Go under the freeway; Mill St. becomes Westside Rd. Stay on Westside Rd. for 2.3 miles, turn right onto Felta Rd., and the Felta Schoolhouse will be on the right just after Forman Lane. (Be warned: Google Maps places the Felta Schoolhouse too far down Felta Rd. — if you come to the West Side School, you’ve gone too far.)
From Sacramento and the Central Valley:
Take Interstate 80 west to exit 33B CA-37 West, towards Santa Rosa. Take the exit for Highway 101 north, and follow the directions above.

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