All-Cal Convention

THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Once COVID-19 hit, it no longer made sense to update this page (not that I was updating it frequently enough before that).

Visit the Bay Area Sacred Harp Web site for the latest information on singings.

I’ll leave this historical information up for now, just for old times’ sake.

The All-California Convention takes place on the third Sunday of January and the Saturday before. It rotates between Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Bay Area. Here’s the schedule for the next few years:

2015 — Bay Area
2016 — San Diego
2017 — Los Angeles
2018 — Bay Area

All California Sacred Harp Convention, 2015

Above: Cornelia leading at the 2015 All-California Sacred Harp Convention (in the Bay Area).

2 replies on “All-Cal Convention”

I beg to differ. The upcoming 2016 All-California Convention will be in San Diego, not Los Angeles.

Thanks for correcting this page, wouldn’t want someone to make plans to be at Angel’s Gate when we’ll be singing at Old Poway Park.