Learning Sacred Harp

First of all, here’s what it sounds like as sung by traditional singers:

Here’s what it sounds like with 200 singers at the All-California Sacred Harp Convention:

And here’s what it sound like with about a hundred singers from the Bay Area, at the annual Golden Gate All-Day Singing:


Now here’s some tips on how to sing (and lead) from The Sacred Harp:

1. The basics

Getting started in Sacred Harp singing, and handouts from the 2011 singing school in Palo Alto.

2. Learning tunes from audio recordings

For some people, one of the best ways to learn to sing Sacred Harp tunes is to listen to audio recordings while you try to sing along.

3. Learning to lead Sacred Harp from videos

There are many online videos that show experienced singers leading a class.

4. Sacred Harp traditions

If you enjoy singing Sacred Harp music, you may want to learn more about the tradition.

5. Conventions and all-day singings

For many Sacred Harp singers, the real fun is going to all-day singings or conventions (conventions usually last two days).

6. The texts and theology of Sacred Harp music

The 1991 edition of The Sacred Harp includes patriotic songs, moral songs, and songs representing a wide diversity of Christian theology.


These learning pages include material from the Sacred Harp singing school which took place on September 11, 15, and October 9, 2011, in Palo Alto.

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