I began singing Sacred Harp in 2008 in southeastern New England. Since 2009 I’ve been living in the San Francisco Bay area. Though not a scholar, I’m interested in studying and being a part of the urban revival of Sacred Harp singing in the northern and western United States. I host the second Sunday singing in Palo Alto, Calif., and sing as often as I can with the weekly singing in Berkeley (and other Bay area singings); occasionally I manage to get out-of-town singings. I’ve collected some of the best of my own tunes here. Professionally, I’m a Unitarian Universalist minister.


Above: Leading 236 at the Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler Memorial Singing, 1 January 2013 in Healdsburg, California. “Man, all immortal, hail!…”


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Header photo: Singers at the 2010 Golden Gate All-Day Singing. Photo by Dan Harper.