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Palo Alto special half day singing

Below are the minutes for the special half day singing in Palo Alto. This was a very enjoyable singing, with some strong singers.

Palo Alto 50th Anniversary Singing
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, California
Sunday, June 5, 2022

A special singing to commemorate a half century of Sacred Harp singing in Palo Alto was held outdoors at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, California, on Sunday, June 5, 2022. The class was called to order by Anne Caswell leading 34b. Terry Moore offered the opening prayer. The following officers were appointed: Chairman–Anne Caswell; Secretary–Dan Harper; Online Host–Paul Kostka. Online leaders are indicated by the word “online” in parentheses.

Leaders: Dan Harper 46; Bob Brylawski (online) 163t; Leigh Cooper 385b; Terry Moore 454; Thomson Yeh 39t; Heather Purdy 168; Mark Godfrey 101t; Rebecca Edwards 48t; Gary Breitbard “Meeting in the Air” (online); Carol Steinfeld 49t; Jonas Powell 47t; Lindy Groening 84; Carla Smith (online) 447; Greg Freed 473; Sumie Arnold 313b; Dave Barber 129; Pat Coghlan 492; Susan Fetcho 475.


Anne Caswell called the class back with the song “Palo Alto” written by Dan Harper in honor of the Palo Alto singers. The next five leaders have each been singing in Palo Alto for more than 25 years: Jeannette Ralston 196; Sue Lindner 217; Peter Ross 163b; Arnold Zwicky (in memory of Jack) 146; Paul Kostka 503. The next leader has been singing in Palo Alto for her whole life, though less than 25 years: Sarah Kostka 334. Leaders: Susan Fetcho 464; Pat Coghlan 272; Leigh Cooper 189; Jenny Solheim 528; Jonas Powell 547; Lindy Groening 269; Mark Godfrey 228; Rebecca Edwards 402.


Leaders: Mark Godfrey, Leigh Cooper, and Leon Godfrey, 32t; Heather Purdy 142; Greg Freed 300; Sumie Arnold 457; Terry Moore 193; Dave Barber 108; Jeannette Ralston 114; Paul Kostka 198; Sue Lindner 142; Peter Ross 99; Sarah Kostka 344; Arnold Zwicky 66; Hannah Blair 472; Jenny Solheim 455; Pat Coghlan and Heather Purdy 348t; Dave Barber and Greg Freed 162; Paul, Lorraine, and Sarah Kostka 178; Susan Fetcho and Jonas Powell 453; Rebecca Edwards and Lindy Groening 564; Dan Harper (for the treasury) 29t.

The Secretary reported 28 singers in person. The Online Host reported at least 8 online singers before technical problems ended online participation. Greetings were acknowledged from singers in Los Angeles and Healdsburg, Calif. Announcements were made.

Terry Moore offered the closing prayer, and Anne Caswell led 347 as the closing song.

Chairman–Anne Caswell; Secretary–Dan Harper.