Palo Alto Sacred Harp in Frontiers in Psychology

Esther Morgan-Ellis mentions Palo Alto Sacred Harp in her article for Frontiers of Psychology, published online on March 19, doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.627038.

She wrote: “I also attended two annual Sacred Harp events that were reimagined as zingings: the Palo Alto Virtual “All-Day” Mid-Day Zinging (August 22 [2020]) and the Minnesota Convention (September 26).”

Beyond that, she doesn’t really mention the Palo Alto singers. From what I remember of that singing, it was pretty much of an insider event, so it probably didn’t mean much to someone who didn’t already know us.

The article is still worth reading, describing as it does the ways Sacred Harp singers have adapted to the pandemic. Available free online.