Online singing

Best yet

This month’s Jamulus singing was the best yet. We did not have the tempo problems that have plagued us in previous Jamulus singings. We were more in tune than we have been. We got through some passages — fermatas, time signature changes — that used to feel difficult when we couldn’t see the leader.

And at the end of the singing, we all commented on how good we sounded, and how together we were. Several of us wondered aloud why this was so much better. Susan pointed out that we’re listening to each other more. I commented that singing on Jamulus requires a somewhat different set of skills than singing in person. Mark said he felt he could just sing without fiddling so much with the controls. Whatever the reason, or reasons, the general consensus was that we’ve finally gotten good at singing on Jamulus.

We’re still all looking forward to singing in person once again, obviously. Nevertheless, Jamulus singing is now quite pleasurable.