Shotwell Street. L.M.

The San Francisco singers have been meeting once a month at the ODC Dance Theatre at the corner of Shotwell and 17th. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to join them for the past few months. Big conventions are fun, and mid-sized all-day singings can’t be beat, but there is a special joy in singing with a smaller group of ten to twenty singers. You can hear every voice, and be inspired by individual singers; I find myself learning a lot from sitting across from Hugh, being bracketed by Mark on tenor and Leigh on alto, and hearing Joel beside me — and that’s mentioning only four of the powerful voices at this singing.

I’ve enjoyed singing with them so much, I wrote a tune for them. The singers gave it a good reading today, making it sound better than I thought it would.

Shotwell Street L.M. (PDF)

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