Other events

Singing at a peace walk

Palo Alto hosted a peace walk today, in commemoration of the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This was going to be taking place during our regular local singing, and the walk route was right past the church. So we decided to sing for the walkers. We even got a mention in the local online news rag.

Not sure the walkers understood the connection between Sacred Harp and peace. From my point of view, any participatory communal music-making is going to help build peace. Nevertheless, I hope we entertained them. And one or two of the walkers actually came and sang with us for a while.

Aside from that it was a good, albeit small, singing. (Thank goodness Susan and David came over from the East Bay to help fill out our numbers.) It was definitely interesting to sing under a tent next to some redwood trees.