All-day singings & conventions

Golden Gate 2015

A telegraphic account of the singing, based on my notes:

I felt this was a good singing, and heard others saying the same thing. The singing was loud, robust, tuneful. Tempos maybe not quite as quick as in past years. Quite a few excellent out-of-town singers. Total number of singers was slightly less than last year, but still over a hundred.

Site: again this year, Trinity Lutheran Church in Alameda. A good singing space for this size singing.

There were I think half a dozen parents of children, including Greg, Leigh and Mark, Inder, Lorraine and Paul. We are slowly getting more parents willing to bring children to all-day singings; let’s hope that number increases, and that the kids continue to sing Sacred Harp as they grow up.

Between work and family issues, I could not get it together to take either photos or videos of the Golden Gate this year.