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Info about the upcoming SC Baroque Festival

(Check the Bay Area email lists to find out date and time, and contact info for Shelley, Janet, or Dan. This info is posted here as an online reference.)

Concert organizer says leave your valuables in the car.

We’ll have a room where we can sing a few tunes and get warmed up — time on stage starting at about 6:15 to get organized — then back to the warm-up room and sing some more before the concert. Yes, we’ll have loaner books in case your forget yours.

We will sing the following, in this order, with these leaders:
Africa, 178 — leader Ed Rice
Stratfield, 142 — leader Susan Fetcho
Poland, 86 — leader Terry Moore
Rainbow, 344 — leader David Fetcho
Greenwich, 183 — leader Shelley Phillips
Marlorough, 228 — leader Janet Herman

Shelley will key all tunes for us, for consistency.

If you have clothing that approximates clothing at typical Southern singings, great. If you don’t, wear what you have — just keep the focus on the singing and the tradition, rather than the clothing.

We go on after Hank Bradley, an old-time fiddler (whom Janet says is really good).

Finally — yeah — this is all kinda weird and different from our usual practice. If you’ve come to the practice singings where we ran through the tunes, you heard the discussions about how this can only be an approximation of a “real” singing. But what the heck — we’re getting $400 for doing this concert, which will go towards buying much-needed loaner books for both Denson and Shenandoah Harmony (the money will go through Community Music School in Santa Cruz, a 501(c)3 nonprofit). Besides, we plan to do some “real” singing before the concert — we’ll have that warm-up room, why waste the opportunity?

And if you want to join us at the last minute, feel free, just let Dan or Janet or Shelley know you’re coming!

All-day singings & conventions

Golden Gate 2015

A telegraphic account of the singing, based on my notes:

I felt this was a good singing, and heard others saying the same thing. The singing was loud, robust, tuneful. Tempos maybe not quite as quick as in past years. Quite a few excellent out-of-town singers. Total number of singers was slightly less than last year, but still over a hundred.

Site: again this year, Trinity Lutheran Church in Alameda. A good singing space for this size singing.

There were I think half a dozen parents of children, including Greg, Leigh and Mark, Inder, Lorraine and Paul. We are slowly getting more parents willing to bring children to all-day singings; let’s hope that number increases, and that the kids continue to sing Sacred Harp as they grow up.

Between work and family issues, I could not get it together to take either photos or videos of the Golden Gate this year.