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Ziegler Memorial videos: 182, 102, 171, 170, 147t, 481, 68

In this blog post, I’ve embedded the following videos from the Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler Memorial Singing on 1 January 2013 in Healdsburg, California:

David leading 182 Newburgh; Lindy leading 102 Fulfillment; Jennie leading 171 Exhortation; Joel leading 170 Exhilaration; Betty leading 147t Boylston; Terry M. leading 481 Novakoski; and Chris leading 68 Ortonville.

Above: David leading no. 182, Newburgh.


Above: Lindy leading no. 102, Fulfillment.


Above: Jennie leading no. 171, Exhortation.


Above: Joel leading no. 170, Exhilaration.


Above: Betty leading no. 147t, Boylston.


Terry M. leading no. 481, Novakoski.


Above: Chris leading no. 68 bottom, Ortonville.

2 replies on “Ziegler Memorial videos: 182, 102, 171, 170, 147t, 481, 68”

Thanks for uploading all these so quickly Dan! (I think you mean 171 – Exhortation, though.)

Arg, the title for Joel’s video is wrong too. This is what I get for trying to do these on my lunch hour and coffee break. Corrected in the post above; eventually I’ll correct the titles in both videos as well.

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