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Pisces and Sacred Harp

I’m at a convention far from any Sacred Harp singing, but still I find references to Sacred Harp everywhere. Carol (who is a Pisces) pointed out that the Free Will Astrology Web site is calling on all Pisces to do some loud singing in the week of June 21:

Neurophysiologists say that singing really loudly can flush away metabolic waste from your cerebrum. I say that singing really loudly can help purge your soul of any tendency it might have to ignore its deepest promptings. I bring these ideas to your attention, Pisces, because I believe the current astrological omens are suggesting that you do some really loud singing. Washing the dirt and debris out of your brain will do wonders for your mental hygiene. And your soul could use a boost as it ramps up its wild power to pursue its most important dreams.

Tell all your Pisces friends to come to a Sacred Harp singing this week.