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Golden Gate 2012: 215 New Topia

Linda leading no. 400 Sardis from The Sacred Harp (1991 Denson edition), at the eighth annual Golden Gate All-day Singing, 22 April 2012, held at the Potrero Hills Neighborhood House in San Francisco, Calif. and sponsored by Bay Area Sacred Harp.

It’s always a pleasure when Linda leads because she keeps absolutely rock-solid time, as if she has an internal metronome.

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Linda (who I understand also learned to sing shape notes, and even read music, just from participating in singings) DOES have a rock solid sense of tempo!! As a beginner (and I’m the first to admit that tempo is still my weakest point and I depend on the tenor bench to help me set a good tempo), I used to just follow Linda in beating time because her style of keeping time is so clear and easy to read. I would feel very out-of-sorts if she wasn’t there on a particular night because other folks on the tenor bench didn’t always take this duty as seriously! I still love to see her on the tenor bench – I’ve learned so much from Linda and she’s a great friend.

(And for a long time, I also relied heavily on Greg or Natalia on the treble bench to help me with pitch and learning my part, and would kind of fall apart without one of them present. How things do change!)

What Inder said about Linda. I’ve learned that if Linda’s at the singing, I can count on being able to glance over at her to find my way when in doubt. And she’s a wonderful human too.

Not only is Linda steady, she’s generous and encouraging, and works as hard as the particular leader standing in front of her needs. You Bay Area folk are very fotunate to have her on your tenor front bench.

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