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Remembering a singer

At tonight’s Other Book Singing, I presented Prospect Hill, and dedicated it to Dominic Zeigler, the singer who died suddenly in January at age 23. By coincidence, Dominic’s parents had come to the singing. The class gave a good sensitive reading of the tune.

More moving for me was the moment when Carl stood up just before the break to lead the tune that Dominic led at the last Golden Gate All-Day Singing, 448 “The Grieved Soul.” Carl invited Dominic’s parents to stand in the center of the hollow square with him, and we all sang to them. Standing in the hollow square can be a healing experience, and I hope they found it so; in any case, the class sang very well indeed, and it was a moving tribute to a singer.

Caroline had made it to the memorial service for Dominic. She brought the booklet of songs and poems from that service, including some of Dominic’s own poems and some of his favorite songs, and she passed it around during the break.

I’m glad we all had the time this evening to remember a nice man, and a good singer.

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It was really touching to mourn the passing of a comrade a second time (his death had been noted and recognized with a song the following week, too) with a song written by you for this occasion. And all the more poignant to learn his parents and brother were attending.

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