Singing at home


An out-of-town singer joined us tonight. During the break, a couple of us were chatting with him. He said that he would be in town another week, and hoped to join us again.

“Well, I hope we have a better turnout for you,” I said. Tonight we had only four basses, three altos, three trebles, and perhaps eight tenors.

“Oh, this seems like a fine turnout,” he said. “Our singings are usually smaller than this.”

I always want there to be more singers, because I think everyone should sing from the Sacred Harp. But I forget how lucky we are here in the Bay area: we have a weekly singing where we sometimes get thirty or more singers, plus we have two monthly singings and a twice-monthly singing that get smaller but respectable turnouts. I really have to start seeing the glass as half full.

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I really think you should think of it as a full glass, not a half-full one. You have a very good thing going. Plus, you get regular outside visitors, which is something that’s pretty rare here in Kalamazoo, for example.

Will, of course you’re right. But I’m half New England Yankee and half Pennsylvania Dutch, and that means the glass is never all the way full.

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